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  • Each scrapper invocation now runs in its own browser context (like an incognito window) unless persistentSession is on or not running in headless mode.
  • Add support for renderless scrappers. Learn more here: https://ayakashi.io/docs/guide/renderless-scrappers.html
  • Add support for API scrappers. Learn more here: https://ayakashi.io/docs/guide/api-scrappers.html
  • saveToSQL script will now re-use the database connection and won't create a new one each time it is run.
  • Add recursiveYield() and recursiveYieldEach() methods, which allow to recursively re-run the scrapper by yielding the extracted data to itself.
  • domQL tagName queries will now accept both lowercase and uppercase tag names.

Update to the latest version by running:

npm update -g ayakashi

A new @ayakashi/types package is also available. It can be updated in existing projects by running npm update.