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  • The extraction API has been revamped

    • extract() will now return just the extracted values instead of wrapper objects. Learn more in the updated documentation
    • HTML attributes and data-attributes are now supported
    • Multiple extractions in the same extract() call and nested extractions have been removed
    • New methods extractFirst() and extractLast() can be used to extract a single value of the first or the last match respectively
    • New method join() can be used to properly group multiple sets of related data
    • Inferred return types have been greatly improved
  • The builtin scripts have been updated to reflect the new extraction semantics
  • Primitive values can now be yielded as output from scrapers or scripts without the need to be wrapped in objects
  • Random protocol and bridge ports can be used by setting them to 0 in the config
  • Multiple projects can now be run at the same time without interfering with each other
  • Multiple resumable sessions of the same project can exist and run (even at the same time) by using the --sessionKey CLI argument

Update to the latest version by running:

npm update -g ayakashi

A new @ayakashi/types package is also available. It can be updated in existing projects by running npm --save-dev @ayakashi/types