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  • Cookies are now automatically shared between page loads, renderless loads and HTTP requests. New cookie methods for manual manipulation have also been added. Read more here
  • Persistent sessions have been completely revamped. They now allow chromium contexts, cookies and other scraper settings to be shared between multiple steps of a pipeline. Read more here
  • User agents have been improved and they now include more settings to tweak. The options have been moved to the emulatorOptions section of the config
  • New workers and workerConcurrency config options have been added to allow manual control of the thread count and concurrency of the system
  • domQL data attribute querying is now more flexible. Read more here
  • Simple mode is now available for renderlessScrapers and apiScrapers with the --simpleRenderless and --simpleApi CLI flags
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Update to the latest version by running:

npm update -g ayakashi

A new @ayakashi/types package is also available. It can be updated in existing projects by running npm --save-dev @ayakashi/types